Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy

As an Industrial Laundry processing and recycling high volumes of bed and bathroom linen on a daily bases for our clients, BSL Laundry continues to aim to set the ultimate standard for sustainable laundry operations.

Our company aims to set this ultimate sustainability level by:

  • The reduction and recycling where possible of the valuable resources we use in our operations: water and energy (diesel fuel for processing steam, which is then recycled)
  • The use of environmental friendly chemicals
  • Using machinery and equipment that is state-of-the-art in the business and well-maintained, using the latest technology that takes into account environmental sustainability constraints
  • Continuous internal research and development towards increasing our sustainability levels and improving our performance
  • Compliance with relevant local laws and regulations
  • Where possible, procurement of local products and services
  • Limiting our waste generation

If available efficient and sustainable products and services are sourced locally. Special consideration is given to employing local staff. We encourage our staff to present our commitment to environmental and social sustainability and our participation with the EarthCheck program to our clients, suppliers, contractors and agents.

We realize that by aiming for the ultimate reachable sustainability level within our industry, our operational costs will be at their lowest, which in turn allows us to lower the charges to our customers.