Our Services

The BSL plant in San Nicolas serves the Dr. Horacio Oduber Hospital and processes room linen and recreational linen for large hotels in Aruba. The Oranjestad plant processes uniforms, guest laundry, F&B linen and hotel specialty items.
BSL Laundry is the only laundry group in Aruba that can offer this combination of professional laundry and dry-cleaning services to its customers.

BSL Laundry is the best professional in the field of high-volume processing of hotel linen for large hotels. Normal capacity is 100,000 kg of laundry per week (10 to 12 hours per day, 7 days per week, including holidays), or the weekly laundry volume for 3,500 hotel rooms. At BSL Laundry we handle all the bulk linen, like sheets, pillow cases, room towels and pool/beach towels.
A daily pick-up and delivery service (7/365) guarantees sufficient linen stock available at all times. BSL Laundry also offers high-quality bed and bath room linen for sale or for rent at attractive prices. The textiles that we offer are specifically designed and tested with commercial laundry service in mind.

Optimum use of chemicals substantially lengthens the lifetime of linen items laundered at our facilities and guarantees optimum quality results at the best price.

Because of the efficiency our pricing is below the cost-price of the average in-house hotel laundry. Calculations have shown that these savings can be substantial (often 20% or even over 30% on operational costs).

BSL can offer its customers through the facilities at Oranjestad Laundry a guaranteed undisrupted laundry service should equipment fail at BSL. Although the Oranjestad plant is smaller in size it could when operated aound the clock handle all of BSL’s volume. BSL together with Oranjestad Laundry is the only laundry group in Aruba that can offer this peace of mind to its customers.

Commitment to Sustainability

Efficiency in the use of natural resources makes our laundries environmentally friendly. Water, heat and chemicals are all recycled. In 2014 BSL has been assessed as meeting the requirements of the EarthCheck standard for laundries and succesfully achieved Silver EarthCheck Certification. This marks BSL’s commitment to achieving sustainable outcomes.
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